Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mustard tights and Docs

If you are
a) a resident of UK, or any other country with a similar climate, and
b) a frequent wearer of dresses and skirts,
you will be familiar with the fact that tights are indispensable all year round.

Tips for wearing brightly-coloured tights:
  • Ground the outfit's colour palette with a dark base colour, like black, navy or dark grey.
  • Higher boots cover up more of your legs, which can help make your tights seem less alarming.
  • Tie in the tights' colour with just touches of matching colour, or else it'll look too heavy-handedly matchy-matchy.

scarf: vintage
jacket: Timberland
top: Primark
shorts: New Look
tights: H&M
boots: Doc Martens

scarf: vintage
cardigan: Tesco
t-shirt: edc by Esprit
skirt: Warehouse
tights: H&M
boots: Doc Martens

choker: New Look
Triforce necklace: Sanshee
top: Primark
dungaree dress: Primark
satchel: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
tights: H&M
boots: Doc Martens

cardigan: Matalan
dress: Yumi
tights: H&M
boots: Doc Martens

Things that haven't been on the blog before:
  • Scarves - they were in my mum's wardrobe and are probably as old as me. 
  • Leather skirt - I bought this just after retiring from the blog, and just before uni. It was about £16 which is absolutely ridiculous because it's real leather.
  • Choker - £1 in a sale today.
  • Triforce necklace - a birthday present to myself. I wear it all the time at uni because it is awesome, and also goes with my watch.
  • Satchel - a Christmas present from mum. I try not to think about how much it was; I wouldn't have let her buy it if I were present at the time.


  1. Coloured tights are awesome :)

  2. Love the shape of that Yumi dress, and those tights are amazing! They look really great with the blue and yellow scarf. I think the brightest tights I have are dark red haha but maybe I'll be more adventurous...

    1. Hi Olivia! The babydoll Yumi dress I remember as one of the first nice dresses I got once I got into fashion. I really wish it were 15cm longer because it's a bit long as a top and too short as a dress. I wear shorts under it.


Thank you ♥

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