Monday, 5 August 2013

Paris 1

Last week I found myself on a very, very last-minute holiday with my mum to Paris. Though we just did all the normal touristy things, we had a great time. Each day we went to a single place so we had all literally all day, every day, so we could really laze about and enjoy ourselves rather than rush around and look at absolutely everything for about five seconds.

On our first full day, we went to the beautiful Versailles. Because we knew it would be 34°C by noon, we went to the gardens first while the sun was still bearable. The scale of the place is just breathtaking. 'Jardin à la française' is all about imposing order upon nature, so everything is very neat and defined. It's funny when the corners of the hedges are more right-angled than a set square.

 Inside the château was even grander. You know I love looking at old country houses so I really enjoyed the inside of Versailles, despite the crowds and the heat. French royals really love their gold paint on everything!

So I just came back yesterday and all this week I have work experience. I would really loved to have a day off to breathe, laze around and do my blogging, but I haven't the luxury, so I'll be editing each day's photos bit by bit. Come back tomorrow for the Louvre!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm incredibly jealous.


Thank you ♥

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