Friday, 30 March 2012

"Caring is not an advantage"

A week of glorious weather to lull us all into a state of sun-induced lethargy ready for the Easter holidays, then back to the usual grey sky on the Friday. Oh well.
Shirt: Superdry, TK Maxx, nicked from mum
Vest: Primark
Belt: sister's wardrobe
Bag: 'Made in Italy', mum's cupboard
Shorts: Wrangler, DIY
Socks: Next
Boots: Safiya, China

Shirt: Superdry, TK Maxx
Once I heard a classmate say something along the lines of 'Superdry's rubbish now - everyone wears it'. Evidently he didn't wear whatever Superdry thingy because he actually liked it. I hate billboard clothes, but just because a brand is so overhyped and worn by everyone and their next door neighbour's budgie, doesn't mean I won't steal my mum's shirt because of its brand.

Erm, so. The bottom line is, I'm a thief. Yay!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Plushie haul

It's been days after the finale of the fourth series of Being Human, of which I did a related post on up-and-coming character Alex last week, and I'm already desperate for the next instalment. The stage is set and I'm missing the characters I slowly came to love so much already!

In the meantime, I said I'd show off some of the lovely presents I received for my birthday. My friend K gave me these adorable plushies to join my collection. I'm sure Mustang, one of my favourite characters from the manga Fullmetal Alchemist by Arakawa Hiromu, will be become great friends with some of my other toys, who I'll introduce you to some other day. For now, I'm sure Mustang and his furry bacterium companion will suffice.

Mustang with Shigella Dysenteriae
I recently noticed that on Mustang's label, it says 'suitable for 15 years or over'. Bloody hell - by then you could almost be driving actual Mustangs! I did a little more research, and found on Wikipedia that apparently 'In 2005 in the U.S., 20 children under 15 years of age died in incidents associated with toys'. You are joking. So, kiddies, you can't have this Mustang plushie because he'll set you on fire with his ignition cloth, and then you'll swallow him whole, or something.

From my friend Ginge I received a rather awesome vest dress from a British brand called Drop Dead, which I will have great fun styling up looks for, one of which is pretty much ready to go and in the queue for my LB.

Friday, 23 March 2012


It was my birthday yesterday! I had a nice day. Eventually I'll have to show you my haul.

Since Sunday, I have been most unhealthily, decimatingly and all-consumingly obsessed with BBC 3's supernatural satire, Being Human. For years I've been watching the odd half hours of probably all of the series - I remember watching parts of the first series when things were being explained - but because it's on quite late and I wasn't really in the target audience group, I never fell into it. How that's changed.

Now, meet Alex. Played by Kate Bracken, she appears in episode 6, I believe, of the most recent series 4, of which the finale is airing this Sunday. (I am extremely excited for it.) The easiest way to describe her is to say that she's basically a post-watershed Pond, with less ginger and more sarcastic. And she rocks.

Meet Alex. (The girl, not the man.)
Being a relatively obscure series, compared to the likes of Who and Sherlock anyway, I must first apologise for the pretty shocking quality of the pictures, which I screenshotted from iPlayer. But don't diss because I won't hear a word against iPlayer because it let me watch Being Human, albeit back to front...

Boots: Doc Martens
Once again, to spur me to jealousy, someone has these Triumph DMs. Wearing them only half laced-up shows off the tartan pattern on the inside of the boot. Combined with light blue short shorts and a simple chequered shirt and leather jacket, Alex has the charm and attitude to catch the attention of even the painfully awkward and 'sexually repressed' Hal.

Later, Alex layers what seems to be some kind of waistcoat or corset top over a pink vest, showing a little splash of colour in an otherwise all-black outfit. I've always loved waistcoats, on both girls and guys, and I love the buttons of Alex's.

"Oh, thanks sugar. I’m sure that sounded less creepy in your head." - Alex, on Hal being creepy

I find the juxtapositioning of the leather jacket with the romantic dark teal dress lively and edgy, but dressy at the same time - a perfect ensemble for a date, perhaps? Let's just hope your lucky date hasn't the tendency to indiscriminately rip girls' throats out.

It's probably too much to hope she'll become a recurring character in the series, but I cannot wait to see more of her. I can only hope the next companion in line (who is, much to my disappointment, not Chinese) is half as fantastic as Alex.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Union Jack

Recently in English class as a point of discussion, my teacher asked us what we thought was part of 'being British' - what does our national identity encompass? It was a surprisingly tough question, and all I could really think of was tea, royalty, poor work ethic and the insatiable desire to complain about everything.

Nevertheless, I've always been happy in UK, and generally proud to be British. I'm lucky enough to be having a decent childhood and I've everything I need. Especially as the London Olympics are drawing ever nearer, I think a little patriotism is in order.

Dress: Next
While browsing through Next on Saturday, this maxi dress really stood out to me, though admittedly I think it looks better in real life. The busy yet subtle flower pattern balanced the Union Jack print, which I seem to remember is only on a long panel at the front of the dress.

Jumper: Topshop
Boots: Doc Martens
I rarely shop at Next, because things are expensive there. I practically never shop at Topshop, for not only is it expensive, it is also overpriced. Actually I first saw the frankly awesome Union Jack jumper on the left somewhere on the blogosphere, and it's apparently cotton too, one of the two acceptable materials (the other being wool) for knitwear under my newish clothing standards I adhere to in order to buy less, better quality clothes. But £46? Piss off.

I don't even like to think about the price of Triumph Doc Martens, but they're so beautiful. An iconic British brand of boot, it deserves a place in this post.

In recent years there's been a lot of clothes bearing the American flag being sold and worn in this country, but unless I were American or really, really, really loved USA, I'd never wear their flag, but there you are. That's fashion. But I compel you, fellow Brits, to choose your Union Jack to wear instead. I was about to say that a little patriotism never hurt anyone, but lying is a sin!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunshine and sherbets

In stark contrast to the... sleet? which is chucking it down outside on this grim Sunday morning, I had a rather lovely day shopping with my mum yesterday. As well as a dash of sunshine, some strawberry sherbets and a present for my niece, it was also an excellent oppurtunity to try out my dad's fancy new camera.
For my niece


Throughout the day I noticed a considerable amount of London 2012 Olympics-related oddities, from cushions to mugs to dresses. Consequently my next post will be Union Jack themed, inspired by Next's patriotic collection. In the meantime, there was a little shop selling the most charming handmade cushions - aren't they adorable?

Cushion: Jan Constantine

We also did a spot of china shopping, purchasing some plates to use at home, a whole set of teaware, and some saucers to go with some magnificent teacups we just had to buy a few years ago. Some time I will have to photograph them. I do believe tea tastes better when one is drinking it from a piece of art!

Friday, 16 March 2012

"People are definitely going to talk"

As I try out new things with my existing wardrobe, I just end up with weirder and weirder combinations. But I wear them, so into my LB it goes!

Scarf: family scarf collection
Brooch: some history museum shop I went to on a school trip
Jumper: Next, a Boxing Day sale a few years ago
Skirt: Next, from the same sale
Bracelets: Accessorize, Christmas present from K
Bag: TK Maxx
Socks: Next, not from the previous shopping spree!
Boots: Rockport, TK Maxx

Skirt: Next
Bracelets: Accessorize

Boots: Rockport, TK Maxx

I saw those boots in a sale for £30 and purchased them swiftly, but only with the assurance that they could be returned. For I while I deliberated on whether to do so or not, because I wasn't sure about their clunkiness. In the end I decided to keep them, a decision I haven't regretted. They aren't expensive - certainly cheaper than Doc Martens - and are suede as well. Comfortable and durable, they are perfect for stomping around in, whether in town or by the river or in the garden.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Love them or hate them, Converse All Stars are an American classic which has long since perpetuated worldwide fashion. They may just be cloth on a sole with some laces thread through them, but they're surprisingly versatile, and capable of adding a touch of informality and playfulness to almost anything.

I haven't worn mine in a while, since it's been winter and I've been living in my boots, but this weekend it was so warm and sunny it was almost like spring, so maybe it's time to break them out again?

While Converse look great in the classic shorts or jeans, I especially like slightly weirder combinations, like wearing them with dresses and skirts. Matching a playful dress with Converse is a perfect casual summer look; and if you've picked just the right colours, they look amazing with long socks and a skirt like Petrushka T.'s.

Batman Converse!
I unfortunately can't say I care much for Western comics, but I once drove past a girl wearing all black, except for purple Batman Converse and a comic-book-print bag. She looked awesome.

The first thing I did to my teal blue low-tops, an old friend of mine too who I look forward to wearing more often this summer, was lace them up in an interesting yet practical way, which I had researched beforehand.

Socks: DIY
Trainers: Converse
Lattice lacing method
I've gotten countless compliments for it, and it works especially well with the wide white laces of Converse. It's super easy to do, is no trouble at all since low-tops' laces don't exactly need a lot of loosening and tightening, and is much more interesting than the conventional lacing method.

Due to my lack of sandals and other such summer shoes, I spend a lot of the warmer months in Converse. I love wearing them with dresses, as it's such a simple look and really shows off the shoes. Though I bought my blue Converse from an ordinary sports shop on the high street, it's a surprisingly rare colour which I don't often see on other people, which is just as well for me!

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Aperture Science

It's been months since I saved Science, but who can resist a little Portal merchandise?

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device:
There are only 5000 of these babies up for grabs, £100 each, 1:1 scale, LED lights, sound effects and everything. A thing of beauty, no? If you're acquainted with Aperture Science, that is. I wonder if you'd get arrested if you went into town brandishing this gun-like contraption. But remember:

Do not touch the operational end of the device. 
Do not look directly at the operational end of the device. 
Do not submerge the device in liquid, even partially. 
Most importantly, under no circumstances should you—

Aperture Science Long Fall... Socks: Amazon
Moving swiftly on from inconveniently-timed power drains and selectively malfunctioning artificial intelligence, according to a certain Cave Johnson, Aperture Science Long Fall Boots are 'expensive as hell', so why not make do with Long Fall Socks instead? On the other hand, I wouldn't suggest trying to land on your head wearing these, because, well, you'll probably end up landing on your head.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The girl who waited

The arrival of Pond to the beloved Doctor Who series coincided with my beginning to pay attention to clothes, and naturally, with her kick-ass style, she quickly became one of my biggest inspirations. Fearless, fiery and fun, Pond is quite definitely my favourite Doctor's companion.

I almost just killed myself looking for decent fullbody shots of Pond in her numerous outfits, amongst some of the most eyeball-vaporising cosplays, but I've done most of the hard work for you, so scroll forth and admire the effortless badassery of Amy Pond!

Being a flaming redhead shouldn't be a barrier to wearing the brightest stripes you can find! And I love how she balances out a miniskirt with long-sleeved top and opaque tights, finished off with some knock-out footwear.

Lace-up boots, especially those absolutely gorgeous Triumph Doc Martens, are a favourite of hers, often worn with leather jackets and denim skirts to make up her trademark look we often see on the promotional posters. Coloured opaque tights also feature frequently, like the yellow and red above.

It still makes me laugh when I think of how parents complained that Pond was too promiscuous. Yes, practically raping the Doctor was probably too far for Who's younger audience - even I, in discomfort, averted my eyes and grimaced - but is she really the bad influence on little girls to be worrying about? Maybe I'm too old to be influenced by some character wearing a skirt a centimetre or twelve shorter than what I'd see as appropriate, and too young to be worrying about the influence Pond has on the really small children.

Worn in Vincent and the Doctor

Above is one of my favourite outfits, though unfortunately I haven't been able to locate the most amazing pictures. The coat is the most delicious shade of blue, and pops marvellously with the red scarf and jumper. Looks quite warm, except for the skirt and rather chilly-looking tights!

Worn in The Girl Who Waited

My absolute favourite outfit of hers, however, is from the rather good episode The Girl Who Waited. (Though why are my favourite outfits so hard to find on Google?) The muted purple colour of that adorable polka-dot shirt is in perfect harmony with the pinkish cropped leather jacket; and, those boots. One of my best friends and fellow Whovian, Ginge, has those boots. NOT. FAIR. Plus, when buying them from a Docs Shop in Liverpewl, a little girl mistook her for Pond herself! How amazing is that? I cannot wait until the Doctor gets a Chinese companion...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Graphic t-shirts

As an ex-tomboy, I spent the first decade of my memory in t-shirts. My sister being a huge Pokémon fanatic - which naturally rubbed off on her easily-influenced infant sister - we've family photos of the pair of us in Pokémon t-shirts she printed off herself. Those were golden days.

But if you think graphic t-shirts have to be juvenile and boring, please reconsider!

Whether it's Simpsons, Star Wars or deformed mice, if you can think of it, it's on a t-shirt somewhere; and somewhere, somebody is absolutely rocking it. I love the combination of an ordinary t-shirt with something unexpected and reinventing, like a lace skirt or blazer.

For me, there are a few simple but important things to consider when buying t-shirts:

Does it fit?
I think fitted t-shirts look infinitely better than massive baggy shapeless ones, in most cases, and are a lot easier to look good in. I've got quite manly broad shoulders so another thing for me is ensuring I can flail my arms around comfortably in the t-shirt.

Is the colour suited to me?
Different colours will look better on different skin tones - there's probably a whole guidebook written on the subject, but the easiest way is to just try it on. I've got a lilac t-shirt which looks a bit weird against my yellow oriental skin tone, but it would probably look better on someone who is of paler, clearer colour.

Is the picture awesome?
It is all too easy to accumulate a massive collection of t-shirts, some of which you don't often wear, if you're not picky with the graphics on the t-shirt. Is the picture unique? Do you have a special liking for what it's portraying? Will you absolutely regret it if you walk out of the shop without it? I have a vest with the same picture as Elisabeth G.'s t-shirt above. As well as the ribcage, spine and pelvis, it's got mathematical-looking scribblings all over it and it is just awesome, so I bought it.

As most of my own graphic t-shirts have eluded my LB, I will have to put up my whole collection some day. My sister's taken the camera I usually use (maybe because it actually belongs to her...) but I've got a new one coming through in the post, but it will probably still be a while.

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